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PhotoStory and Audacity Tutorials And Download Resources
Podcasting Resource Page
Copyright Issues
Audacity Resource Page
**Podcasting Booklet**
PhotoStory 3 Tutorial
**Audacity Basics**
**Learning to Use Podcasting and Vodcasting**
PhotoStory 3 Tutorial
**Audacity Tutorial for Podcasters**
Podcasts by Subject Area - High School

**Learn the Tools**

Audacity Advanced
==Ideas for Audio in the Classroom==

**Audacity - Word Doc**
Ideas for using Audio in the Classroom
Project IREAD

**Ideas for Podcasting in the Classroom**

IPod in the Classroom

GarageBand Tutorials
An Introduction to Garageband
GarageBand Tutorial - Quicktime Movie
**GarageBand Tutorial**
Garageband 3 Tutorial
Creating Podcasts on a Mac
Free Demo Tutorials
GarageBand Quick Tutorial

===Podcasts on the Internet===

Jamestown Elementary School
**The Next Generation**
**How to make a Podcast**
Our City Podcast
Podcasts for Educators
**Edgar Allan Poe Podcast Lesson**

The Real Story by the Wolf - Audacity

The Real Wolf Story- PhotoStory

Mythical Beasts

Pictures for our First Vodcast using PhotoStory 3
**Intro Pic of Wolf**
Reading to my sick friend
Three Little Pigs
Pic of OReily
Storm Clouds
**Destruction of House**
**Intro Pic of Pigs**
**House Destruction**
Pig Pic
Homeless Pigs
House Destruction

Websites with ideas and suggestions on using Podcasting in the classroom

  1. Podcasting with Garageband 3 - PDF file
  2. Making Podcasts with Garageband 08 - PDF file
  3. Apple Podcasting in Education Video Series - podcasting and its benefits for education in this free, three-part video series
  4. Using Multimedia Book Reviews To Build A Community of Readers and Writers - steps for making a multimedia PowerPoint show. PDF File.
  5. GarageBand‘08 Quick Tip Sheet - PDF File
  6. Got Music? - GarageBand 3 tutorial PDF File
  7. Weekend Project - Vodcast tutorials creating a podcast using Audacity.
  8. Podcasting in Education - Examples of how Podcasts are Being Used in Schools
  9. Links & Reources for Jeff Curto's Presentation - many articles and resources on podcasting.
  10. Podcasting with Students - Planning for Student podcasting. She also has a a tutorial on using Garageband
  11. Podcasting Legal Guide - The purpose of this Guide is to provide you with a general roadmap of some of the legal issues specific to podcasting
  12. Copyright, Fair Use, Intellectual Property & Podcasting -practical suggestions for schools, educators, and students to avoid intellectual property liability problems and empower learners to LEGALLY create as well as share a wide variety of media/knowledge products on the global stage
  13. Cell Phones for Learning / iPhones in the Classroom - cell phones can be used to help learners access web-based content, remix it, share it, collaborate with others, and create media-rich deliverables for the classroom teacher as well as a global audience.