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Podcast producer server -
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CommonCraft video explaining a podcast

4th Grade Example

Maclab Server at ESU3

Papillion High French Class Page on ESU3 Podcast Server

Online Podcast Directories

There are a wide range of online podcast directories. Three of the most popular are:

How to listen to podcasts in the web browser.
Many podcasts allow you to listen right in your browser. if you want to subscribe or have the episodes downloaded, you will need iTunes etc. but to just listen, your web browser will work just fine.

How to subscribe to Podcasts in itunes

How to create a podcast in Podcast Capture/Podcast Producer

Podcast producer server -
Blog site -

how to Make a podcast for itunes

Podcasting with Audacity

Creating a Podcast on a PC Using Audacity

Podcasting with Garageband

Westside Middle School podcasting Guide

Additional Podcasting Resources from WMS

Tony Vincent Radio Williow web Podcasting guide

Tony Vincents Site with TONS of info

Pod-o-matic is a platform for creating, finding, sharing and publishing podcast audio files.

Nasa Podcast Creation lesson plans and guide

"In Pod We Trust" - Podcast Article from T.H.E. Journal 2006